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Build Your Own Birth Pool Package

Build Your Own Birth Pool Package

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Accessory pack

La Bassine Home Birth Pool - Create Your Own Home Birth Kit

1) Choose the size of the birth pool:

Choose between our standard pool, with plenty of room for one person, or our maxi pool, for those who want extra space. The maxi pool is big enough for two people.

2) Choose the type of pool:

Our pool comes in 2 different thicknesses - Classic at 0.45mm and Professional at 0.6mm. Both pools are very durable, but if you plan to use the pool professionally as a midwife or doula, the professional pool will be a good investment.

In the kit with your birth pool, you will get:
    1 x Birth pool of your choice
    1 x Storage bag for the birth pool
    1 x Repair kit

3) Choose your accessory kit:

The mini kit is for those who only need the most essential items to fill the pool. Please note that for hygiene reasons, the water hose cannot be reused for filling if it has also been used for emptying.

    1 x Air pump for the birth pool
    1 x Faucet adapter for the water hose
    1 x Water hose 15 meters without harmful substances for filling the pool


In addition to the products in the basic kit, this kit also includes:

    1 x Water pump for easy emptying of the pool
    1 x Water hose 20 meters for emptying


In addition to the products in the two previous kits, this kit also includes:

    1 x Original liner that fits the birth pool
    1 x Waterproof mat for the birth pool
    1 x Lid for the birth pool that keeps the water warm
    1 x Mesh net for catching impurities


In addition to the products in all the previous kits, this kit also includes a gift for the new mother: A beautiful and soft ring sling, which helps give the newborn a safe start in life:

    1 x Nordic Slings ring sling in 100% soft linen


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    Product care

    Leave the package at room temperature for 24 hours before opening to avoid cracks in the vinyl. Cleaning: Wipe with a wrung-out, damp cloth.


    Classic: 0.45 mm thick eco-vinyl. Professional: 0.6 mm thick eco-vinyl


    Standard kar:
    Udvendige mål: 165 x 135 x 76 cm
    Indvendige mål: 125 x 95 x 65 cm
    450 liter ved 80% fuldt (anbefalet)
    Maxi kar:
    Udvendige mål: 191x164x71 cm
    Indvendige mål: 145x118x63 cm
    625 liter ved 80% fuldt (anbefalet)

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    A dream birth one can promise you. But we have been there ourselves, and understand how important security is when you are about to give birth. Good preparation and the right equipment give you the best conditions for a good experience. In return, we can promise that we will do our best to help you choose exactly the products that suit you. ♡
    Christine & Eirik