About us

Christine owner of homeborn.dk

My name is Christine Clausen, and when I delivered my first son at home in a birth pool, I experienced how amazing it can be to give birth at home. It's an experience that I want to share with more women.

The birth pool was a big part of my positive experience. I felt firsthand how soothing the warm water in my birth pool was. The sides of the pool were stable to lean against, and the handles were perfectly placed so I could move around. I sat comfortably on the soft bottom. And most importantly - I felt safe and secure.

My second son was born in the hospital due to a low level of amniotic fluid. We had prepared for a home birth and took many of the "home birth elements" with us to the hospital. The hospital birth was a good experience and the right choice in the situation, but my home birth stands as a safe, powerful, and beautiful experience incomparable to anything else.

Even though I was the one giving birth, it was a shared experience with my husband Eirik. If my "sales pitch" for a home birth hadn't convinced him, the birth itself did. That's why we started Homeborn, whose purpose is to make it possible for more women to safely give birth at home. The pool I gave birth in at the time was from La Bassine, and we now proudly sell this brand on Homeborn.dk.

Couple holding their newborn baby after a home birth in a birthing vessel

In addition to Homeborn, Christine also runs the swaddling brandNordic Slings .