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Anja Bay

Painless birth

Painless birth

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The book "Smertefri Fødsel" ("Painless Birth") by Anja Bay provides concrete techniques for an active birth without fear and with minimal to no pain. Whether it's your first time giving birth or not, these techniques will help you strengthen yourself and be conscious throughout the birth. The method focuses on controlling or even removing pain and can be learned by everyone. The book guides you through a five-step home course consisting of combinations of relaxation, breathing, visualization, pushing techniques, and the use of the body's own "pharmacy" to affect the body's hormones. The book is in Danish.

Recommended by Christine, owner of Homeborn:

This book made a huge difference in both of my births. The Laboro breathing tecnique combined with the relaxation technique is incredibly effective in managing the pain and simple enough for you to master even under the demanding situation that giving birth is! I didn't need painkillers (other than massage and the warm water in the birth pool), and I largely attribute it to the techniques in this book. Afterwards, the relaxation method has been especially helpful for things like dentist visits. My warmest recommendations!


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