Advantages of home birth

No car trip

A trip in a car with contractions can be uncomfortable - the midwife will come to you instead. This can be an advantage, as the body often tries to reduce ve production during transport. It is known that contractions often subside by the time you arrive at the hospital.


Safety is greater at home - Birth can be more successful if you feel safe in your own home, and safety is a big factor for a good birth experience.

Oxytocin - the love hormone

Oxytocin levels are higher at home - The hormone oxytocin is responsible for labor and the level of this hormone increases in a calm and safe environment.

Home track

With a home birth, it is you who are at home - you will feel more comfortable in your own home, and this can make the waiting time easier to cope with.

Midwife is with you

The midwife is always close by - When you give birth at home, the midwife is only available to you and is never away from the living room.

Siblings can participate

Better opportunity for siblings to participate in the birth - Home birth gives older siblings the opportunity to participate on their terms and in their familiar surroundings.

No car ride home either!

You don't have to travel home after the birth - You and the newborn have a calm start, where you can stay at home in your own bed and not have to drive around after the birth.

Breastfeeding starts faster

Breastfeeding establishment - There is much to indicate that breastfeeding gets off to a good start faster and more smoothly with home births.