Checklist for home birth

Tjekliste til hjemmefødsel

Have I remembered everything? Below is a checklist of things that may be useful to have ready before the birth. You can download a free printable version of the list by clicking here (In Danish).

Checklist for a home birth:

  • Towels in different sizes
  • Bedding that can get dirty and can be easily washed
  • Washcloths for hot and cold compresses
  • Birthing pool and accessories if you wish to give birth in water
  • Music for relaxation. Consider preparing a playlist of music you enjoy
  • Table for the midwife's tools (an ironing board can also be used)
  • Camera that can take pictures and videos - remember to check that there is enough space on the memory card and that it is fully charged
  • Plastic/waterproof sheet to protect the mattress on the bed
  • Warm, soft towels, baby duvet, baby clothes, and diapers for the newborn
  • A sturdy dining table or similar and a good lamp (if there is a need to sew tears after delivery)
  • Large garbage bags (one for trash, one for laundry)
  • A roll of regular trash bags
  • Paracetamol and Ibuprofen (for afterpains and/or pain from possible stitching)
  • A clean washbasin/plastic bowl
  • A stack of washed cloth diapers
  • Wet wipes
  • Fruit juice, apple juice, fruit, and food in the refrigerator for use during delivery
  • Freezer filled with pre-made food, buns, and other items for the days after delivery
  • Comfortable underwear and loose clothing for the mother after delivery
  • Nursing bra and nursing pads
  • Large pads for the first days after delivery
  • Ice packs (for soreness and swelling after delivery). Made by wetting a regular pad with water and putting it in the freezer. Remember to put a piece of fabric between the pad and your skin.
  • Lip balm, straws, possibly a Pilates ball, possibly a heating pad or hot water bottle
  • A pre-packed bag in case of transfer during or after delivery + car seat
  • "Birthday celebration" - flags, food, and drinks to celebrate the birth
  • Good working conditions for the midwife; work desk and light for journal writing, the possibility of some food, and a "resting place" for longer processes

Download the list by clicking here (In Danish).

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