Considerations before your birth

Overvejelser inden din fødsel

If you have decided to give birth at home, here are some things to consider before the birth. You may be a little unsure about some of the points. Remember that what was right for your friend or mother may not necessarily be right for you. All birthing experiences are different..

Perhaps you would like to take the list with you and discuss the points with your partner or midwife before you feel completely clear? You can download a PDF of the list here (Danish).

Do you want to give birth in water?
Many find great relief in the warm water. Others cannot stand the idea of getting into a tub. Consider whether you want the option of using a birthing pool for pain relief.

Birth attendants or not?
Do you want helpers in addition to the midwife and a possible partner? Should a doula be present? Also consider whether you want a midwifery student present at the birth.

Should older siblings be present?
Should the children come along or should they be cared for elsewhere? Do the children have the opportunity to withdraw if they need to? Remember, if the children come along, there must be a helper present solely to look after the children.

What about pets?
If you have pets, it is a good idea to consider whether they should be present, cared for or whether the animal should be kept in a separate, screened-off area of the home while the birth is taking place.

Photography of the birth
Do you want pictures and films of the birth to be taken? Before and after? If so, who should take the pictures, and what situations are important for you to have captured?

Today's (and week's) menu
One advantage of a home birth is that you decide when and what you eat. So it is a good idea to consider what food you want to have available during the birth, for celebration afterwards, and what should be filled in the freezer.

Are there neighbors to consider?
If you live in an apartment where it is loud, it may be a good idea to consider whether the neighbors should be informed, for example by hanging up a note well in advance of the birth.

Who receives the baby?
Do you want yourself or your partner to receive the baby? If so, remember to mention it to the midwife.

When should the umbilical cord be cut?
Most midwives today practice delayed cord clamping. But there is a difference in how it is defined. Do you have preferences for when the umbilical cord should be cut and who should do it? Maybe you want a lotus birth?

What should happen to the placenta?
Do you want to keep the placenta - plant a tree on top of it, or take a print of it? Perhaps you are most comfortable with the midwife taking it and disposing of it.

The framework for postpartum visits
It may be a good idea to consider the framework for postpartum visits. Often, family and friends are very eager to see the new little one. Are you into "birthday celebrations" right away, or maybe more into measured visits a few days after the birth?

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